As a young girl, I dared to dream that one day a dashing young prince will come riding on a white horse, scepter in his hand, the crown on his head with eyes that would make my heart almost faint, and he would sweep me away into his adventurous world to live happily ever after.

My prince came not on a white horse but riding on an Army green Jeep (this was before Humvee), holding an M-16 in his hand, Army green cap on his head, and his eyes electrified my heart.  After our first kiss, we settled on Sunrise Avenue.  Since then, we have traveled the world together wherever the Army allowed me to accompany him.  We live on the Sunset boulevard as we cherish memories as a military family and are thankful every day for the opportunity to live the American dream.

I believe God was and is the ultimate source of life’s happiness with all of my heart, and I always give thanks and praises to Him be all glory and honor.

From Berlin Germany 1993
Earlier Days of us
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